Since 1995

Business Support & Management Services

We use to provide Management Services to run organization's department like Library, Front-End Dept., Back-End Dept., Data-Entry Dept. etc. where all kind of managerial activities will be handeled by AKAR CsMs to carry out the desired results. We provide all kind of employees like Clerical Employees, Technical & Non-Technical Employees, Department Assistants, Attendants etc. Employees will be on the Muster of AKAR CsMs. They will be declared employees of AKAR CsMs. All the liabilities will be of AKAR CsMs and their work place will be decided by the organization. Employees' Salary and Other Allowances will be decided by AKAR CsMs only.

Here, in this type of Service Charges of AKAR CsMs will be decided as per type of employee.

Man-Power Recruitment Services

It is almost same as "Management Services" but Organization may decide the Salary and other Allowances of Employees recruited. Even Organization may recruit directly as per their requirement but they will be declared as employees of AKAR CsMs.

Here, in this type of agreement Service Charges of AKAR CsMs will be added on gross expenses.

Computer Software Services

We used to provide software for School Admin Office Management, College Admin Office Management, Library Management and other software as per requirement both on sale-out bases and usage bases.

But, we have stopped this service after 17 yrs.

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